Herobrine do not show up during attack.

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Herobrine do not show up during attack.

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Hello David,
I run a server on Paper 1.17.1. I instaled your plugin and at first everything was warking until restart. After the restart Herobrine stops show up during attack theres only a smoke in place where he should be. I try to clear some other plugins because I though it could be a RAM problem but after clearing most of the plugins it's still don't warking.
Thank you,

Ps. My english is not very good.
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Re: Herobrine do not show up during attack.

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Hello Turtle23,

Could you please try testing the plugin on a Spigot server? I have seen the Herobrine plugin have bizarre issues when running on PaperSpigot that do not occur when running on Spigot.

~ David
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